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Business line

1 Surface treatment of aluminum of ..extrusion.. - and equipment related to processing

Casting equipment Billet cutting transportation equipment
Chip press Heating billet supply equipment
Die handling equipment Rear equipment
Shape material loading device Roll correction machine
Palette transportation equipment Shape material Tono equipment
Anodized aluminum transportation machine Shape material loading device
(surface treatment unloading)
Sash automatic operation processing machine Sash automatic operation packing device

2. Aluminum rolling and equipment related to processing

Mold exchange device Spray header
Slab fall device Slab transportation device
Chip style Ocsetsbi Slab cutting transportation device
Plank transfer device Combination paper supply device
Coil reversing machine Coil transportation equipment

3. Equipment related to nuclear power

The glass raw material supply equipment Automated storage and retrieval system

4. Equipment related to environment(dust collector)

Bag filter Cyclonic
Oil mist separator Mistoseparata
Shiki collection dust ..wet.. machine  

5. Others

Copper ..extrusion.. rear equipment Round saw cutting machine for copper alloy
Aluminum pipe thorough examination device Aluminum precise alloy round saw cutting machine
Aluminum can transportation equipment