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Billet cutting device

It is a device that is cut into the size to which the length scale billet is set, and supplied to the next process. Cut powder does the molding processing with the chip packing press.

Photograph of billet cutting device

Chip packing press

Photograph of chip packing pressIt is a device where the cut powder generated when billets such as aluminum and brass are cut is sucked, and it sends and the wind is molded with the oil hydraulic press after it separates because of cyclonic.
The main press power is about 25 tons.

Rear equipment

The design will produce rear equipment that accedes to a request based on the considerable experience.

Photograph of rear equipment

Scroll type stretcher

The die holster of ..extrusion.. You is managed automatically, and it transports between the heating furnace, the extruding machine, and the division machine automatically.

Photograph of scroll type stretcher

Finish cutting machine

The material of ..extrusion.. Cata after the stretch is cut into a constant size, and cut powder dispersion prevention and a low noise are the cutting machines of the feature.

Photograph of finish cutting machine