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Expected portrait

Our company proposes the specification to the customer in each matter and is an enterprise of "Order production type" of which it receives an order. How to advance all work adopts "Project method" of which it consistently takes charge from "Estimate proposal" to the customer to "Order" and "Delivery of goods".
As it participates at first as "Project member", and the experience is acquired
Please take an active part as "Project leader".
The accomplishment of work at the same time as assuming all the responsibilities of work to receive an order to the delivery of goods and the full powers limit are given to "Project leader".
The problem and the difficulty always attach and surroundings for work (project).
It is time when only the time that the overcoming the difficulty and an excellent product were completed, and the customer pleased feels worth by us.
The person fortune (The person is a property) that our company requests

It is 'Person who had a bright, strong intention by do not give it up to the last minute even if faced with what difficult thing and difficult problem completely. '

Neither past "Academic grade" nor "Career" is asked. It looks to future, and companions of us who can grow up as man at the same time as improving own technology through work are recruited.

Adoption and treatment, etc.


The interview selection is done at any time as new graduate and Sots already. (year-round recruiting)
Please mail the personal history. I will notify the interview date later.

・Occupational category

Machine design Plan chart, assembly chart, and part chart design by CAD such as various conveyers, carrier machines, and round saw cutting machines
Electric design Control board design and sequence control designs of automatic machine
Business It is technological business to introduce, and to propose the product and the system to the customer. The customer is fixed.
Subcontract management The installation, centering, and the trial run adjustment of the machine plant are guided.


Work hour 8:00-17:00
Break time 12:00-13:00(60 minutes)
Holiday of year 106 days(106 days a year are specified from the company calendar on Sunday, holiday, and Saturday, etc.)
Overtime During about 20 hours on the average of the having moon
Form of wage Salary system
Bonus Twice a year(Have by the achievement the bonus the end of the term. )
Pay 200,000 yen- 300,000 yen
Allowance Family allowance, assignment allowance, and overtime pay     having
Retirement allowance system Having
Retirement system Uniform However, work extension   having of   60 years old up to 65 years old
Commuting expense Full amount provision
Joining insurance Employment, workers' accident compensation, health, and welfare annuity

Training and educational system


To take an active part, all members of the staff train the employee and are educating our company as a leading engineer and a member of society according to person in question's technological level.
Please chiefly experience the next step, and take an active part as an executive job in the future.

Drafting of part chart and assembly chart
Technological of automatic machine calculation
Assembly chart design of single purpose machine
System cost design of the entire equipment
Installation and trial run adjustment business of equipment
Specification meeting and system proposal with customer
Management of project

At first, those who work full-time will guide the level to joining a company during half a year as an educational person in charge.

The following system is adopted as part of training and the education.


An outside educational institution is used.

Basic attitude
New employee of training education
Mainstay executive education

  (2) Dispatch to small and medium-sized enterprise university school

Education as leader
Reduction in costs technique
Management training

  (3) Use of correspondence course
Machine design and electricity

Base of design
Calculation management of company
Language ability improvement etc.

  (4) Participation in seminar

Machine element designAtsmatiri technology
Machining technology

  (5) Technological study meeting in in-house

Base of technological calculation
(holding twice/month) Case study


Moreover, it is 'Report, ream, and aspect committee. ' as an independent activity of the employee'Greeting and telephone committee'
'3S committee' is set up, and it works on the improvement of the taking up ..problem.. corporate culture.